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lunch out with a storyteller

A friend and I just had lunch with my neighbor, and the stories were flowing. My neighbor has long been a fun person to talk with, and having lunch after a long time of no in-person gatherings was a treat. We traded topics from trivia to baseball cards to sports to food to movies, and more. Stories flowed freely of meeting athletes and celebrities, travel, and hopes for the future. We asked prompting questions, reacted at the appropriate times, and egged him on from one story to the next. How wonderful to hear old familiar tales to me and some surprising new ones! How fortunate to have a generous storyteller across the street!

It does remind me, however, that I am often the story audience instead of the narrator. I love stories; they are a key part of my profession and my interest. And yet, when the moment arrives, I am generally not the center of the story, but the sidekick or set-up man. I am fine with this role. It is comfortable for me, and easier than digging into my history and memory bank for the perfect scenario to elaborate eloquently upon request. I tend to skip and shorten moments, or mix up facts and details, or fail to set up the big punchline. Sometimes I am disappointed in this lack of ability, but some days I am satisfied to store away stories for another day.

And now, I am more and more prone to record them as a slice for my day! Storytelling in my own way, to those of you willing to sit down and read it (or maybe just for myself). Hope you enjoy your next meal and the company you are with, and the tales that are told and heard along the way!

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Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!

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4 thoughts on “lunch out with a storyteller

  1. Hm… Sounds like we need to ask you to share more of your stories!
    Glad you had a change to connect with a neighbor & a friend. : )


  2. Storytelling is an art and it sounds like your neighbor has it down pat. How lucky for you to be part of the audience.


  3. I do not tell a good story since I am too long winded. I see my listners eyes start to close or they interrup and go off on a tanget of their own. I wish I had a better command of an audience. I’m fine teaching but telling a story to a group of friends, not so much!

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  4. Kristi Lonheim on said:

    Storytelling in the written form is still storytelling and I am glad we get to read yours. You can even be your own audience, so it all works out.

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