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What I once was/ and then / and now

Thinking of some changes in my life over time, and came up with this format. The first is a reflection of youth, and then young adulting, and now the current middle ages that allow me to look back!

  • I once was the remote to control the channel, and then the controller of the remote, and now the finder of the remote control!
  • I once was the yeller at the referee, and then the ref, and now the occasional grumbler at the ref.
  • I once was the snowball fighter, and then the snowball builder, and now the snow shoveller.
  • I once was the week long tent camper, and the the car camper, and now the cabiner!
  • I once was the tree puncher, and then the tree climber, and now the tree pruner.
  • I once was the taxi rider to events, and then the taxi service, and now the designated driver.
  • I once was the procrastinator of tasks, and then the procrastinator of classwork, and now the procrastinator of bills and taxes!!
  • I once was a wanter, and then a wanderer, and now a wonderer…
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How about you? Ready to add your own?!

Slice of LIfe

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!

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6 thoughts on “What I once was/ and then / and now

  1. Wow–this really has me thinking. . . Such a creative way to reflect on change over time. Love the way you explore such a range–from the funny (remote) to a last line that lingers.


  2. You express changes over time in a meaningful yet simple way. It has me wondering about my own What I once was.


  3. I love how you crafted this piece. The last line really got me! Very cool slice.


  4. I like this reflection of the changes in our lives as we age. I wrote something similar a year ago when my 18-year-old travelled to LA by himself for a week! Yikes. But, at the same age, I went to Japan by myself. My reflection was called I was 18 once. We definitely grow older and, at the same time, so does our perspective! Well done!


  5. Great format. Helps to put in perspective where everyone in my family is coming from. Also, sometimes I wouldn’t mind going back to some of the other stages. I wonder if I’m the very last stage you revert back to the first stage. I can see my dad not restraining himself when it comes to yelling at refs.


  6. Kristi Lonheim on said:

    How the seasons change over one’s life. This is fun to think about. Maker of car noises, drive of car, happily the passenger, kinds of changes.


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