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heart and soul

2021 MIOSM Logo of a heart that reads "Music The Sound of My Heart"

Piano echoes down the hallway
Cello supports and leads
Have we entered a hotel lobby
Or is this a celebration of music
In our school
In our hearts
A tale as old as time*
Captivating our imaginations
Creating peace and respite
From the rush and chaos to come

Appreciative applause abounds!

*Three lovely Disney songs, including my fav from Beauty & the Beast, by two amazing ladies

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3 thoughts on “heart and soul

  1. My son, now 26, was heavily involved in music during school. He was an excellent musician. He also participated in theater. When music fills the hallways of a school, something magical happens. I am so glad you got to enjoy this today! I miss hearing the music in our home.

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  2. Music makes everything better! I taught music for 23 years and have the fondest memories of those days. Now I watch my son, also a music teacher, make memories with his students. Thanks for sharing and sparking memories for me.

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  3. Kristi Lonheim on said:

    You had me at ‘cello’. 🙂 What a well worded alliteration to end with, “Appreciative applause abounds”.


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