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Abridged Field Guide to Delightful Students

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, there are plenty of species of students that one encounters in any given day. If one listens and looks, with binoculars if necessary to go beyond the crowing and cawing, there are delightful species to be found:

  • wide-eyed wonderer = the one who soaks it all in and internalizes big ideas for later
  • kid-creator = given the opportunity, there is nothing outside of this tinkerer/sketcher/tech genius ability or dream
  • inquisitor = asks the right question at the right time; pushes the learning forward and sometimes beyond what’s expected
  • connector = those that move between text to self, text to text, and text to world with such ease that everything is like a puzzle which snaps into place
  • outside boxer = what if we try it another way? what if we create this instead? what if I grow up to revolutionize the world?!?
  • peaceful participator = do not overlook this lovely species! They wait with their hands up and ready. They know the directions before starting and then get to work. They seem… happy! Thankful for this silent and sweet addition to the menagerie!!

All in all, this larger portion of the species will keep teachers coming back and rejuvenated. Making Mr. Grumpus from Monday into Mr. Progress today!

One last quick story – we were creating and inventing new features for our library today, and one student started saying lie-berry again and again, thinking as he did. Then we devised a new creation in which you tell a lie to get a berry. Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lie-berry! It all connects since we were discussing differences between fiction and nonfiction. I can’t wait to see what “berries” he tells tomorrow 😉

The classroom world is a wondrous place!

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6 thoughts on “Abridged Field Guide to Delightful Students

  1. I love the lie-berry story! LOL Thank you for sharing!


  2. Aww I love this post. Such a great view of all the types of learners, I pictured some kids as I was reading. haha lie-berry!


  3. I feel like I might know some of these species. I love the way you describe them. I had some pictures of students in my head.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great title and delightful student desciptors. You truly captured the joy of teaching and working with kids.


  5. Kristi Lonheim on said:

    As you said, these are the larger portion of the species that’s habitats include a classroom. I am curious is the lie-berry will find its way into a pie!


  6. Love this post! I love these categories of students. And, they can move between categories as well – even into the categories of your previous post. The fluidity is what makes learning fun and interesting. Good posts – I enjoy both of these!


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