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wilting flowers, snivelers, and distractors

I taught several K-2 classes today, and identified several species of students.
Please refer to this Abridged Field Guide of Difficult Students for further details:

  • wilting flowers = student who self identified as “my fan” on Friday felt that I had slighted and ruined her day by letting someone else give answer first. The effect was apparently insurmountable.
  • snivelers = heaven forbid one person goes to the sink or bathroom, because then anyone should at anytime, according to this student. Life’s not fair, all the time; all the time, life’s not fair!
  • distractors = look! ants! Look! I made this! Look! My new toy! LOOK! LOOK!! …later… what are we supposed to be doing??
  • entitled divas = those who know that you are only there for them and other students merely orbit their space.
  • walking wounded = Excuse me, I have a faint trace of a scrape! Mr. B, it itches/hurts/aches/looks funny – can I go to the nurse?!?!?!?
  • gamers = Are we playing the game yet? (if not… sneaks onto Youtube… again!?)

Thankfully there are plenty of species of the other variety, found in the Abridged Guide to Delightful Students. Hopefully tomorrow I will seek and identify more of those, but for today my focus was full of the first. Hopefully tomorrow I will seek more empathy and master patience. Today I was the species of teacher known as Mr. Grumpus with a case of the Mondays. Some days are like that, even in Australia. At home, I soaked up some sun and ate pad thai to pacify and prepare for tomorrow! sigh.

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3 thoughts on “wilting flowers, snivelers, and distractors

  1. This was so funny and gave me much pleasure to read! I laughed several times while reading your hilarious descriptions. Entitled Divas and the Walking Wounded are spot on and fabulously clever!


  2. I couldn’t help but shake my head in agreement with each of your student type observations. I subbed for about 8 years, mostly K-3 and had these exact students in my rooms! They must have moved! Ha! It’s the delightful ones that keep you going – may you find plenty of those tomorrow on Terrific Tuesday!


  3. Kristi Lonheim on said:

    So funny. Awaiting the next update to the Field Guide. This line is always a classic and I appreciated its showing up in your slice; “Some days are like that, even in Australia.”


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